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SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is an integrated ERP solution for medium and small-sized companies or subsidiaries of large companies (5 to 1000 internal users) which integrates all important business functions - from finance, sales, service network, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, storage, distribution, project management, to analytics and reporting. SAP Business ByDesign is a cutting-edge cloud-based ERP system which will help your company develop and grow.

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete ERP solution for medium and small companies or branches of large companies, which have from 5 to 1000 internal ERP users.


This modern SAP business information system covers all key business segments of medium-sized and small companies, and consists of the following mutually integrated modules:

  • CRM - Marketing, Sales, Customer relations, Service activities
  • Human Resources
  • Finance, Accounting and Controlling
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain - Production, Storage and Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

The user can immediately implement all modules or start with a narrower range and activate other functionalities over time.


Adaptation to the needs of business in Croatia

SAP Business ByDesign is fully localized for the Croatian market with all the functionalities arising from the legally defined elements of business for companies operating in Croatia, thus fully adapted to the needs of doing business in Croatia.



Business process scenario

The great value of SAP Business ByDesign is in the business process scenarios integrated into the system. 39 end-to-end business processes resulting from the best practices of many successful companies from the EU and the US are available to system users and are an excellent solution for companies that need to build or redesign their business processes.



Required infrastructure

SAP Business ByDesign is used as a cloud service (software as a service - SaaS) so the user does not need to have their own infrastructure (data center-servers, power supply, cooling, operating system) to host the software. The software is located in SAP's data center, the user accesses it via the Internet, and the service includes the entire infrastructure and maintenance of system functionality. The user's sole responsibility is to ensure adequate Internet access.



The implementation of the SAP Business ByDesign solution in cooperation with the user is carried out by b4b consultants. In addition to knowing the functionality of SAP Business ByDesign solutions, the key value that b4b brings to users is top expert knowledge and real business experience in each of the business areas covered by SAP Business ByDesign.

b4b is the only SAP Partner for the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign in Croatia.




Duration of the implementation project

The average duration of an SAP Business ByDesign implementation project is 3-4 months (depending on the number of modules to be implemented and the organizational complexity of the user company). In the case of a narrower range, ie a smaller number of modules, the duration of implementation can be significantly shorter (1.5-2 months).


System maintenance

The service of using the SAP Business ByDesign system, in addition to the application and the entire infrastructure, includes maintaining the functionality of the entire system. System maintenance includes:

  • continuous maintenance of software functionality as defined in the implementation project
  • regular quarterly software updates with new upgrades (users continuously receive newly developed functionalities)
  • regular periodic activities of maintenance and renovation of the entire infrastructure
  • B4B and SAP are responsible for system maintenance.


User interface

The user interface is very clear, intuitive and modern. Each user has their own personal work environment through which they access the functionalities and data in accordance with the assigned rights.



Use on mobile devices

SAP Business ByDesign is fully customized for use on mobile devices. The SAP Business ByDesign solution package also includes a ready-made mobile version that automatically customizes and connects to the user's central SAP Business ByDesign system, and offers a number of functionalities for day-to-day business tasks such as transaction approval, KPI and business report tracking, project management, data entry working hours and travel expenses, etc.




Contract duration

The minimum duration of the contract for the use of the SAP Business ByDesign system is one year, and the maximum duration is not specified.



SAP Business ByDesign is also tailored to the needs and capabilities of medium and small companies.
The SAP Business ByDesign user pays the following:

  • system implementation services - one-time
  • system usage service (which includes the use of SAP Business ByDesign software, the entire infrastructure and maintenance of all system components) for the appropriate number of users - monthly subscription for the entire duration of the contract

The price of implementation depends on the scope of the solution, ie the number of implemented modules, and the price of the monthly subscription of the solution depends on the number of users, ie user licenses. As with functionality, the price of SAP Business ByDesign is tailored to the needs and capabilities of medium and small businesses.