BI system implementation - SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud


Improve the user's analytical and reporting system by replacing the existing BI system with a system that has a significantly larger range of functionality and which will already include a number of data sources.

Project duration ~ 8 months


A new analytical and reporting system SAP BW/4HANA and SAC has been implemented.
The set of functionalities of the new BI system covered all the functionalities of the legacy BI system (created through 10 years of internal development), bringing in addition a large set of new advanced functionalities.

The solution covered business areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financial accounting
  • Controlling
  • Inventory Management

Data from heterogeneous sources are integrated into the new system; internal ERP and CRM data are integrated with external data of market research agencies (Nielsen, GfK, FOCUS online, Ipsos, Promotion plus) to obtain a complete picture of the market position of the Franck Group. In addition to supporting strategic and operational decision-making processes for the purpose of supporting analytical processes, data retrieval from the ERP system in approximately real-time has been established.

Flexible and integrated data models have been created in the mentioned business areas and more than 100 user-defined analytical contents at the level of the consolidated Franck Group and individual companies.
To meet the needs of different groups of users, analytical content is created in various forms, from stories, through dashboards to tabular analyzes.
Automated delivery of periodicals to users has also been established.

During the implementation, the data protection achieved by integrating the SAC and BW/4HANA solutions using "live" data access was not neglected.
This way, the data does not leave the customer's domain and is not stored in the cloud.

The project created the basis for further development of analytical processes within the Franck Group, planning and use of advanced predictive tools.


The project has created key preconditions for making correct and timely business decisions through the systematic collection of data on all aspects of business and the possibility of analysis and reporting in real time.

Its realization has achieved a number of benefits for the customer:

  1. Better management of business results and key indicators
  2. Faster and better response to everyday business challenges (internal and external)
  3. Possibility of simultaneous analysis of data from multiple sources and in-depth analysis in making business decisions
  4. Existence of one data source (abolition of data silo) trusted
  5. Reduced time spent on data collection and processing and freeing up key resources to focus on analytical activities with the aim of creating additional business value ("sell kg of coffee more")
  6. Empowering users through the ad-hoc ability to create their own business stories over previously prepared and integrated data models
  7. Automation and standardization of analytical content within the entire Group
  8. Wide distribution of targeted key information within the Group
  9. Access to analytical solutions and information via various presentation devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) and from different locations

With the realization of this project Franck d.d. has become a leader in the use of the latest technologies in data collection and processing and report preparation using the latest SAP tools, including the use of Cloud technologies.


"The new reporting tool has been well received by users. It is easy to use every day due to its flexibility and high level of functionality, and the benefits are already visible now.

Management is enabled to monitor key indicators on a daily basis through attractive and interactive visuals, which is one of the major advantages of SAP's reporting and analytical system.

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis, with the strong support and expertise of the b4b team, and the dedicated project team of Franck d.d., the project was completed within the planned deadlines.

It is especially important to point out that the b4b team, in addition to technical support, also pointed out various possibilities for advanced reporting and better monitoring of business processes. ” - Ivan Artuković, director, Franck d.d.