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Social collaboration – Easily connect people, information, applications, processes… and achieve better results!


SAP Jam delivers social collaboration where you work, connecting customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems and to drive results – all in your business applications, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam. By adding collaboration to sales, HR, and other processes, you’ll shorten sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, and reduce training costs. Avoid disconnected silos of collaboration; instead, deliver a single, secure social foundation across your entire business.

  • Connect: Improve communications and better connect employees across different geographies.
  • Improve information sharing: Enable employees to find subject matter experts quickly and to share best practices.
  • Drive decision making: Help teams tame project chaos, build consensus, and drive informed decisions.
  • Collaborate externally: Strategize, communicate, and drive progress with customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Social or blended learning: Reduce training costs with informal learning where experts can create content or video and can share expertise. Complement formal training with collaborative communities.
  • Collaborative performance and goal management: Create and share goals collectively for faster and better goal alignment and completion.
  • Expertise location: Enable sales teams to find and connect with subject matter experts needed to close key opportunities.
  • Collaborative opportunity management: Bring together all key participants — sales, product management, service, partners, and others — in the opportunity process to reduce analysis and proposal development time. Keep key stakeholders updated in real time regarding opportunity progress.

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