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b4b has carried out all significant projects in the field of sophisticated and developing telecommunication business in the region. The following references are the best proof: Croatian Telecom, BH Telecom, Montenegro Telecom and Monet, Eronet.


Deutsche Telekom’s global usage of SAP and the experience of SAP’s benefits in DT’s business have pretty much determined the orientation of HT, as DT’s strategic partner, to use SAP IT system.

The customer requested a study on SAP system implementation based on domestic experts work since the knowledge of specific Croatian business processes, as well as Croatian language, has been the most important point, as well as the knowledge of SAP system, for the qualitative realization of the project.


The project for the leading B&H telecommunication company with an ambition to expand its business in the whole region was completed in September 2002. This was the first project in B&H for a company in local ownership, and BH Telecom had chosen b4b among strong international competition.

BH Telecom offers services in fixed telephony with over 451000 telephone connections, mobile telephony services (GSMBH) and internet services (BIH net).

Introduction of SAP solution can considerably give rise to competitive advantages on B&H market.

This project also included the making of a Bosnian version of SAP system – the version was translated into Bosnian and necessary modification were adjusted to BH laws and practice.


Montenegro Telecom, seated in Podgorica, is the leading operator in the field of fixed telephony in Montenegro, and Monet is a propulsive mobile operator.

The project finalized in October 2003 will be an important point for the Telecom in the forthcoming privatization and assurance of being a strong strategic partner because implementation of SAP system can make the company’s business more transparent, with a possibility to plan and control the business and the management.

Montenegro version has also been created in the project: solutions and modifications of a standard system are adjusted to Montenegro law and business practice.


Eronet from Mostar, the leading company in mobile telephony in Herzegovina and one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided on implementing SAP system because of the competition on B&H market. The project was finalized in the first quarter of 2004.

Today Eronet has about 130000 customers and is one of three mobile operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.