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About SAP AG

SAP AG (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is an international cooperation founded in 1972 with its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. It is the third largest software company in the world and the leading vendor of e-business solutions, integrating business processes within and between companies and business communities.

The company is concerned with the development and sales of integrated information solutions for business support. SAP AG has more than 12 million users, 84.000 installations and more than 1500 partners all over the world.

Today, SAP employs more than 30.000 people in more than 50 countries.
Nowadays, more than 19 000 companies, including more than half of the world’s top 500 companies in more than 100 countries worldwide, use SAP products every day. SAP is used by the following companies: Chevron, Colgate Palmolive, Deutsche Telekom, Fiat SPA, Gillette, Microsoft Corp., Minolta, Phillip Morris, Pirelli SPA, Siemens AG, Sony, Nestle, Volkswagen…
SAP is listed on several stock exchanges including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York stock exchange.


The business information system SAP R/3 is designed as an integrated system, in which each transaction is reflected in all relevant parts of the system. R/3 consists of modules, which enable the system to be implemented within the scope and at the pace most suitable for the user. Basically, the modules are divided into financial accounting, logistics and HR modules.
The R/3 System is based on an open client/ server technology with flexible business functionalities and incorporated support for Internet and e-business.

mySAP ERP combines the most complete, scalable and effective solution for enterprise resource planning with a flexible, open technology platform, SAP NetWeaver , that can leverage and integrate SAP and non-SAP systems. This solution enables organizations to enlarge productivity, gain better market insights and adapt quickly to new business strategies. mySAP ERP is the best solution for gaining operative control of all activities together with planning and adopting to new market and technological changes.
mySAP ERP comes with four individual solutions that support key business processes: § mySAP ERP Financials § mySAP ERP Human capital management § mySAP ERP Operations § mySAP ERP Corporate services


In addition to the integration of business processes within the company, modern business requires integration with vendors and customers, as well as the integration of business communities. E-business plays an important role in this integration, while introducing new problems with regard to the search of adequate partners, as well as efficiency in responding to their needs. mySAP is a new market strategy of SAP AG, enabling SAP to become a solution vendor for different types of business, including e-business, in other words, business which uses Internet as its technological basis.
mySAP offers all SAP products on a personalized basis, customizable to individual needs, including basic products – R/3, industry solutions and new dimension products, as well as other software vendors’ products, which are used within and outside the company.

mySAP Business Suite

mySAP Business Suite is the world’s most comprehensive family of adaptive business solutions for today’s economy. mySAP Business Suite is the business platform which enables employees, users and business partners to successfully do their business anywhere and any time. My Business Suite is the open and flexible platform which supports data base, application, operative systems and hardware of almost all largest vendors.

By using the best technologies, services and development resources, SAP has delivered the business platform which uses significant IT resources, improves the efficiency of the supply chain and builds strong relationships with users.
Businesses large and small have discovered that mySAP Business Suite is the world’s most comprehensive set of adaptive business solutions, providing best-of-breed functionality built for complete integration, industry-specific functionality, unlimited scalability, and easy collaboration over the Internet.


A comprehensive integration and application platform, SAP NetWeaver works with your existing IT infrastructure to enable and manage the changes. With SAP NetWeaver, you can flexibly and rapidly design, build, implement, and execute new business strategies and processes. The platform enables you to drive innovation throughout your organization by recomposing existing systems while maintaining a sustainable cost structure investment. SAP NetWeaver is the technology foundation of mySAP Business Suite solution.